Local & Sustainable Food Sourcing

We wanted to talk about local ingredient sourcing and why it matters so much to us. As a Boston healthy meal delivery service, our mission is based entirely on bringing our customers the best ingredients New England has to offer. We didn’t start this company and then decide later to jump on the band wagon of saying “local when possible”. We started with the entire purpose of helping our customers live healthy lives AND to support more sustainable food systems. In our eyes there is not one without the other. 

Why does this matter?

Let’s start with meat quality and sourcing protein from small, local farms, one of the most important aspects of ingredient sourcing for our meal delivery service.

There are the obvious humane reasons, where animals are raised with care, on pasture, with freedom an access to plenty of outdoor space.  

Then there are the environmental impacts – small scale farms that include animals as part of a regenerative food system can have extremely positive impacts on environmental health. This includes animals raised on pasture, free to roam and eat diets that are in line with how they were designed to eat (note: chickens are not vegetarians so why does chicken at the grocery store always say vegetarian fed?). This also includes growing crops without the use of toxic pesticides and chemical fertilizers (also see resources below linking to Sustainable Dish and Savory Institute for more detail on this topic). 

Then there are the health benefits connected to sourcing local meat from sustainable farms. You avoid the antibiotics, the hormones, the chlorine (yes chicken is dipped in chlorine before making it’s way to you) that large-scale factory farms utilize. Also, your beef, for example, is more nutrient dense when raised on grass, showing better omega fatty acid and antioxidant profiles. 

Let’s move onto the environmental health of sourcing from local farms. Think about how far food has to travel if it’s coming across the country, from South America, or from China. Picture the ships, the trucks, the fuel, the energy required to get this food to your door. Think back 100 years ago - did anyone 'have to have' blueberries from Chile in the middle of January? No. But now we have this expectation to have every ingredient we want whenever we want it, without the realization of what goes into getting it to us. 

For today, we will stop here as information like this can get dense. But now comes the really important part...

Take action! Resources to help:

Educate yourself: utilize the wealth of information on sites such as Sustainable Dish and The Savory Institute to learn more about creating a sustainable food system.

Shop Local! Local farms we love in New England: 

Brookford Farm

Walden Local Meat 

Chestnut Farms

Stillman Farm

Siena Farms

Copicut Farm

Many of these farms offer CSA's for local residents but if you aren't local, look up where and how you can possibly access ingredients from more local sources. Knowing your food and where it came from is an extremely powerful tool to support your health and that of our planet.