Services for a Healthy Life

Organic Meal Delivery

Health-focused weekly delivery designed with organic & local ingredients. We emphasize ‘clean’ food that is nutrient dense, reduces inflammation and promotes healing in the body. We are well versed with diets that eliminate potentially problematic or allergenic foods: we can prepare gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free and autoimmune protocol meals.

Cooking Lessons

Private or group lessons designed to help you prepare healthful, balanced meals. We can assist in your transition to a new diet, provide structure around weekly dinners, or help you with the very basics of healthy meal prep.

Meal Planning

Weekly meal plans paired with personalized recipes offer structure and guidance around healthy meals. This service option allows you the flexibility to cook on your own or balance what you eat when going out.

Why Choose Us

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With my non-stop schedule, Tru Provisions keeps me thoughtfully fed throughout the day and the week– and I don’t worry about the allergic reactions I have with food everywhere else.

They’ve been a God-send.


Grace’s meals are convenient, healthy and tasty. I always tried to eat healthy, but sometimes restaurant food was all I felt I had time for. And one thing I learned is that, no matter what restaurant you go to, more often than not they’re cooking with things that don’t mesh well with attempts at a healthy lifestyle.


I just wanted to say how much we are enjoying the food: delicious, great variety, and such high quality. Am so lucky to have found Tru Provisions!